Capital University Alumni Awards

Capital's Alumni Advisory Board confers all or some of the following awards to alumni annually in recognition of accomplishments in their profession, service to the University, service to their community, and/or contribution to humanity. Nominations are always welcome, and every winter, the AAB's awards committee will choose recipients to be honored during Homecoming Weekend in the Fall.

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Distinguished Alumnus Award

Beginning with awards conveyed in 2018, the former Alumni Achievement and Alumni Distinguished Service Awards were combined into the Distinguished Alumnus Award.


The award shall be given for:

  • Recognition of the life, work, and character of the University’s most outstanding alumni for exemplary service to the University, society, or the Church, or

  • Notable accomplishments and remarkable professional achievement, profound service to humankind, or both.

    • Professional achievement means that the person has achieved and sustained a significant wide-spread reputation and recognition among colleagues for accomplishments and service to the particular profession.

    • Service to humanity indicates that the person’s efforts over a significant period of time directly and profoundly improved the quality of life for others

  • Nominees must be out of college for a minimum of 15 years.

List of Previous Award Recipients


Distinguished Young Alumnus Award

The award shall be given for:

  • Identifiable career and community accomplishments, or

  • Excellence in his/her specific professional field or endeavor, or

  • Exceptional contributions in volunteerism or service to the University, the Church, or society.

  • Nominees must have been out of college 15 years or fewer.

List of Previous Award Recipients


Honorary Alumni

The award shall be presented to a person who has expressed outstanding loyalty and concern for the University but is not an alumnus.

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