Charitable Lead Trust

How It Works

  • You fund a trust with assets you're giving to Capital

  • The trust immediately pays Capital University income for the term of years indicated in the trust

  • In a family lead trust, your family receives the trust assets plus any additional growth in value, after the term of years has expired

  • In a grantor lead trust, you retain ownership of the trust and receive all benefits of the trust, after the term of years has expired


  • Give a gift today that you will see the benefits of in the future

  • Giving while interest rates are low or the value of the assets is depressed is advantageous

  • Base payments on a fixed or variable rate

  • Reduce or even eliminate the gift and estate taxes on the value of the assets funding the trust

Next Steps

  • Meet with your estate planning attorney

  • Discuss whether a Family Limited Partnership is right for you

  • Discuss whether an Increasing Fixed Payment plan could benefit you 

  • Notify Capital to let us know you've made plans to make a gift

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