The Capital Fund

Give to the Capital Fund and you’re giving to every future member of the Cap Family. Your gift means they get a better reputation, a better classroom experience, and a better future. When our students graduate, they’ll go into the world prepared to make it a better place – something that benefits us all.

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Why Give to the Capital Fund?

The Capital Fund is a continual investment tool that generates unrestricted gifts that can be used by the university to fund a wide variety of needs around campus and beyond.  While specific investments may benefit your department exclusively, an investment in the unrestricted Capital Fund supports improvements across the entire campus. Improvements that benefit the entire Cap Family.  An investment in the Capital Fund gives us the flexibility to meet our most pressing needs and provides the necessary resources for a better working environment, a better learning environment, and a greater opportunity for us to advance and succeed.

Potential Ways Your Gift Can Help

Financial Aid and General Scholarships

Nearly all of our students receive financial aid through the university. The Capital Fund is one of many resources that provide much needed financial assistance to help our students afford a Capital education.


Technology and Campus Resources

The Capital Fund provides funding for classroom and laboratory renovations, technology upgrades, equipment purchases, and assists in renovating spaces like the Blackmore Library. It helps the university respond to areas of greatest need to keep the university’s technology and academic resources up to date.


Campus Beautification

The Capital Fund may provides funding for general maintenance and improvements to our facilities and grounds.


Institutional Development

The Capital Fund is committed to establishing and maintaining programs and partnerships that connect Capital University to the community and beyond, furthering the university’s mission.


Your contributions today help current and future students explore how they can – and will – become change makers tomorrow, and have a lasting effect on their world.


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